The River & a Tree

I am a sapling,

my roots are shallow in the sandy soil.

I can taste the sweet water from the river though,

it has everything I need.

It softens the soil my roots sit in,

encouraging them to run deep .

My focus is to go deep and towards the river,

I see my fathers before me, the lessons they teach.

Those whose go deep into the soil near the river of life stand tall,

giving shelter to us saplings.

Those whose roots were shallow now give passage

to those crossing the river, they are bridges…not trees.

They teach lessons, but are not alive.

I heed their lesson, my roots will grow deep.

While the river is my sustenance, it is not tame.

It can wash me away, it can drown me, it is not safe,

but its water brings me life.

Without it I would die.

When the wind blows hard down the hill, I bow to the river in praise.

In times of plenty and in times of draught, the river still gives me life.

My trunk grows tall, my branches grow strong and reach for the sun.

Without the living water, I would be a bridge teaching lessons, but not a tree.

I am a tree, planted by streams of water, in all I do I prosper.



Morning Dragon

He sits at my table.

Drinking my coffee.

Flame licking his lips after each sip.

His curvy hand covering my sword.

His name is Flesh.